Our engagements

Our engagements for Men and the nature

We chose a clear and dynamic vision of the sustainable development and our responsibility toward the future generations. It is really important for us, adding to the fact that we see it as an enrichment for the company, and a refinement of its performances. We work hard on certain voluntarist investments, such as solar electricity even if the return of investment is debatable. You can see our politic through the way how we make our product, our relationship to managing waste and industrial nuisance, in the interest we give to the environment in our production locations, in the quality of our relationship with our collaborators and all of our partnerships. Our politic of quality management, environment, hygiene, health, occupational safety, is certified to ISO 9001,14001 and 450001 standards. It is the proof of a probative quality, and a certified security. We think that the management system constitutes a huge support for the sustainable development approach. You can see our responsibility through our products themselves, “product” is, by the way, a misnomer, because we are precisely solution builders for our customers: The purpose of our solutions is the good use of space, the reduction of consumed materials, the improvement of your production flux, better plans of transportation to reduce logistic costs and your carbon footprint..

We insure a constant and reproducible quality in all our production locations, thanks to an integrated and systematic management of the quality, and to process of production and a maintenance of the cutting edge of technology. In our quality control laboratories, we try on packaging according to the norms and international standards. Click here to see all of the tests. Concerning the protection of the environment:

  • We recycle all scraps and waste production. GénéralEmballage is reinserting all the trowel of production, in the recycling circuit, and provides itself a national infrastructure of collecting PCR, in order to perform the production of paper.The industry of corrugated fiberboard is circular: it means that waste and trowel become the raw material of the new cycles of production.
  • We treat all the rejected liquids. All our production locations are provided with STEP with clear rejections and environmentally inoffensive, according to ISO 14001 norm. Certain waste is taken charge by recuperators agreed by public authority.
  • We buy from suppliers who respect the sustainable development: For the paper, that constitutes 90% of the raw material, we buy exclusively from partners who respect the sustainable development, and in particular, who are labeled FSCr or PEFC, that are certifications virtuous of the sustainable management of forests, from certain types of paper called Krafts. Regarding the inks, we chose those that are made with mineral water, and sometimes, made with vegetal water. We also chose printers eco-compatible with rejections continuously reduced.
  • We contribute to the civil society efforts, aiming to reforest: We consolidate symbolically our industrial schema in a closed loop, engaged beside the civil society about regular operations of reforestation. We do all this in order to restitute the wood to the Earth, extracted to make certain type of paper. We take care of bringing youth to these operations, so they will transmit to their next generations.

We think that Man has to be in the center of every viable company strategy. According to 90-11 law of April 21th ,1990, we inserted mediation bodies that are the Comité de participation and the syndicate. We aim to create a distributive and solidary company through an incitant remuneration while encouraging the performance. The performances of Général Emballage are based on the hard work, the quality and the competition spirit, while ignoring the attempts of obtaining any advantages by dishonesty. The integrity is acquired thanks to a perfect patience. Général Emballage is hardly fighting, thanks to its politic, against corruption and money laundering, following the national and international law. These laws have been established for, not only educative and pedagogic aims, but also repressive ones. For example, strict rules have been applied concerning granting presents and managing the trips, in order to avoid any kind of advantage obtention by a dishonest way. .

These are the tests made in laboratories on raw material and finished products:
  • Determining the resistance to box compression (ISO 12048)
  • Determining the resistance to corrugated fiberboard compression in field
  • Determining the flat crush resistance of the corrugated fiberboard (ISO 3035 norms)
  • Determining water absorption (ISO 535) Cob method
  •  Determining the flat crush resistance after the flute operation in the laboratory (ISO 7263)
  • Determining the resistance of the grammage per m2 (ISO 536)
  • Measuring the adhesion, PAT, PIN adhesive (Tappi T821)