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Waxed carton

carton parrafiné

  • Le carton paraffiné, une exclusivité Général Emballage !
  • Fabriqué à l'usine de Sétif depuis le 15 mars 2017
  • E and F-flute : An almost flat corrugated

    Alongside traditional B and C, E and F flutes allow works whose consistency is similar to the flat cardboard.

    The modern pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard

    The modern pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard; its ribbed structure insulates the product and retains its heat.

    Agricultural: for an ecological change

    GENERAL EMBALLAGE manufactures models solutions primary and secondary packaging for the protection, conservation and stacking of goods.

    New! The pharmaceutical case

    Often perceived as a structure made from flat cardboard, the pharmaceutical industry should be more the relevance of corrugated cases for drugs.

    They trust us

    Many companies already trust us, and our skills.